The smarter way to construct slabs.

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We construct Raft/Waffle type slabs, like Rib Raft, XPod, MAXRaft, Cupolex and conventional slabs. If your slabs requires timber piles, concrete piles, screw piles or blockwork we can take care of it all.

We can take care of your earthworks/civil requirements. Visit Smart Civil

Whether you have a large scale project, or a one off job, or wish to form an ongoing working relationship, we can accommodate you and look forward to being of service.

We provide fixed price quotes.

As well as the standard slab service we can also offer the following services:

  • Retaining

  • Piling

  • Blockwork

  • Waterproofing

  • Earthworks

  • Driveways & Footpaths

  • Concrete Cutting

  • Concrete Finishing

The smarter way to construct slabs

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About Us

The owners of Smart Slabs have an extensive and impressive resume when it comes to concrete construction, having successfully owned and run a large slab construction company, introduced new technologies to the NZ foundation industry, managed concrete plants and built many homes. So we understand the business which gives you peace of mind that your investment is being expertly taken care of.

Our investment in our formwork system is a testament to our attitude towards a cleaner and greener way of building. There are no timber pegs going to landfill after a few uses. Our formwork can be re-used many more times when compared to conventional form work. These values flow through to adopting ‘green’ initiatives in our construction process where we can, as more and more clients are now demanding it.

  • Licensed building practitioner
  • Regional Partner